Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

In honor of Independence Day, we need to fix voting - the lifeblood of democracy.

The New York Times reports this week on Hundreds of billions of our taxpayer dollars, thousands of lives, and our national infrastructure crumbling, all to subsidize the profiteering of the Bush/Cheney oil swindlers. Alternet revisits the 10 most awesomely-bad moments of the Bush presidency, and Common Dreams reminds us that Iran-Contra's lost chapter helped sow the seeds of today.

Just how stupid are we?

In economics this week - the dollar has dropped 41% under George Bush and conservative government; the mortgage meltdown stole some of black America's hard won wealth; and hard times are hitting for student borrowers. Greater globalization requires a greater safety net.

Lastly, and most importantly this week, coffee!


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