Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

We start this week, unfortunately, with clear evidence of the U.S. committing war crimes. This was reinforced by our own generals. This begs the question: why are corporate journalists so afraid of questioning authority?

ABC News reports that a healthy life may literally change your genes.

The Nation delves into the anatomy of an oil price surge. the New York Times reports that oil giants return to Iraq (Editor's note: I wonder who's troops will have to stay there to protect them?)

Now, I'm not saying "class war" but The Washington Post reports CEO pay rose last year in the wake of an economic downturn, housing crises, rising food prises, record unemployment, the weakened dollar and decreasing workers wages....ahem. Our Future says we need a new strategy in the global economy and Alternet reports on how shaky economic times are even shakier for women.

Finally this week, in Dinosaur! news, a treasure trove in Utah.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

Something political this week. John McCain's healthcare plan: don't get sick.

This week in economic news, The Nation reports on how the rising gap between rich and poor threatens our common interest, and says this land is their land. The American Prospect says our modern economy NEEDS an expanded role for government, and the Financial Times of London wonders: can we reduce risk in our financial systems? Alternet looks into why oil prices are so high and details how American workers face diminishing returns.

We should ask: empire or republic? conservatism or authoritarianism?

In food and water news, water supplies will lead to real food shortages, and a small town overthrows a giant corporation to take back its water supply. Bickering will never feed the world, and everyone needs to check out National Geographic's eight-part series on the global food crisis.

Finally this week, marine dead zones are growing.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

The top five stories worth reading from this past week in worth-reading stories:

In "things that worry me" news this week, The Independent reports on a secret US plan to keep Iraq under American control, and Alternet wonders why can't the anti-war movement budge the Dems?

In food and water news this week, Alternet addresses our food, water and climate challenges and wonders is your water safe to drink? The Financial Times of London asks, can we go on eating like this?, plus the hidden fight for the world's food and the real cost of cheap food. Plus, the environmentalists' dilemma: should we murder sea lions to save salmon?

Also this week, Common Dreams looks into the corporate state and the subversion of democracy, as well as corporate control of global media. The American Prospect, meanwhile, says the problem with conservatism is conservatism.

Our Future reports this week on the rising cost of college. The New York Times says student loan companies are bypassing two-year colleges, and Raw Story reports jobless rate increases to 5.5% - keep in mind that the jobless rate DOESN'T count people who's unemployment insurance has run out after 5 months. Awesome. The Nation calls out: Dilberts of the world unite!

Lastly, Salon asks, are we what we buy?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Quick Plug

If you haven't already, you need to check out Myron "Mystro" Hardy (friend of the site) and his newest venture, Rondeau Records. Here's a pair of excerpts: