Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Morning (Journalism) Quarterback

Hefty Thanksgiving edition of the top-five stories worth reading from this week in worth-reading stories

Two leading House figures are attempting to close a 50 trillion dollar loophole in our regulations. America is one big clunker, and no one's going to buy us.

Glenn Greenwald looks into terrorism and its roots. Truth Dig digs into a new state solution for Palestine.

Despite what the right-wing tells you, Reagan didn't end the Cold War: left-wing intellectuals did. Also, liberalism can and should be populism.

Creationism vs. Evolution on college campuses.

In environmental news: Not only is time almost up according to a new study on climate change, but we're killing our oceans to boot. Oligarchs, limousine liberals and Sean Hannity are destroying our water supply. Also, the U.S. and China strike a climate change deal?

Lastly, the news of Dubai's epic debt and financing failure shook world markets - and India may emerge stronger because of it.


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